Track: Bronson – My Idle Bed

Patrick Ebermann (under the pseudonym of Bronson) released the album Paper Tusk about 14 days ago. One of the tracks featured in it is My Idle Bed.  It’s not just one of those home recordings that are floating all around the interwebs. If you know where to look, you can find tons of lo-fi bands or solo projects attempting to get some attention, which is why it is very hard to actually stand out and be heard. Bronson is one of the artists that we should lend an ear to. My Idle bed is very enjoyable, catchy, melancholic yet not whiny. Do check it out, Bronson is still quite small (having a total of 563 listeners on, so if you like it, you can buy a tape, CD or the MP3s (you can also download a couple songs for free).

A different version of this song was released in 2010 by Patrick’s band, Horses. The recording isn’t bad, but you can tell how his music has progressed (in a good way). Check it out.


PS: Top albums of 2011 list coming soon.

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One thought on “Track: Bronson – My Idle Bed

  1. I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for putting up.

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