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J. Tillman (as Father John Misty) announces new solo album

Joshua Tillman, Fleet Foxes’ drummer and (amazingly underrated) solo artist announced the release of a new album via Sub Pop. Despite the fact that he has already released seven solo albums under his actual name, this time he chose to use the moniker of Father John Misty.

The album will be titled Fear Fun, according to The Agency Group site, where the following statement appeared:

“During the summer of 2011, Joshua Tillman, left Seattle to live in his van for two months, writing a novel under the influence of fungi and suddenly began to write songs under the name of Father John Misty, “Fear Fun” was recorded in Los Angeles with Jonathan Wilson and mixed by Phil Ek in Seattle. “Fear Fun” will be launched on May 1, 2012 on Sub Pop.”

So far, only one of this project’s songs is out, I Would Love You was uploaded to Misty’s Tumblr about a week ago.

Check out Tillman’s previous solo work.

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