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Album: Delicate Steve – Wondervisions

As usual, I’m late… Wondervisions was released early this year, but it’s still worth mentioning. After my first listen, I had to re-listen immediately after… twice. Steve Marion grabbed a bunch of styles and created the weirdest hybrid, Delicate Steve. A little bit of Ratatat here, some Dirty Projectors there; if Temecula Sunrise‘s main riff appeared in one of Steve’s songs, it would not feel out of place. But while he grabs all these styles, he also gives the tracks a personal touch; Steve’s sound is fresh and original.

I do feel like the album needed a bit more work though. It’s only 27 minutes long and while some songs are great, others feel like they’re just there to fill space. The album sticks to a certain style and some tracks feel like they¬†shouldn’t be there, they don’t stick to the main “theme” (but maybe that’s just me). But still, even if it was a short album, there are many moments filled with awesomeness and amazing guitar riffs.

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